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Here is where you can support my work financially.

I believe in the moral virtue of producing for the public domain.

Your contribution helps support that endeavor and my family.

Please Note: At least at this time, I am not operating under tax exempt status, and the term “donation” is colloquial. Your contribution will provide personal income, with the understanding that it is intended to support my work, either as a whole or as communicated regarding specific projects.

Anywhere I get set up to accept payments, I’ll put here, along with my thoughts on it.


Evil Corporate Network Option
Wide array of payment methods.

Donation Link ($1-$99)
Donation Link ($1-$999)
I had to set them up this way because their system works screwy.

Stripe is an obvious, prevalent choice for accepting donations and payments. They have a big market footprint, a lot of types of offerings (if not a lot of options to go with them), and the fees aren’t really that bad (I guess), when you are used to be nickel and dimmed for every service anyway.

It seems like the most reliable of all of the deals with the devil, so I guess I’ll pick it over all of the other MegaGeneriCorp offerings.


Underdog offering.
Low Fee Bank Transfers with commitment against financial censorship.
Currently ACH only.

Donation Link
You’ll need to create an account and login.
It asks for your bank info, but they say you can skip it and add it later.

I’m working with them to see if they’ll sign me up for the merchant account / CC processing as well, but not there yet.

I believe strongly in the Gab mission of ensuring a platform for constitutionally protected free speech. I am also impressed with their ability to circumvent financial and big tech censorship tactics by developing their own infrastructure and solutions.

They have been working on a payment system with competitive fees, recently launched to the public, and my initial experience with it has been positive.

If you don’t mind paying from your bank account and linking yet another service to it, I’d say it’s worth consideration.

I would not expect a perfect, hiccup free experience for all users, but I see that as part of the intrinsic cost of breaking free from the prevalent, megalithic dysfunction.

Financial censorship has been used to target industry and citizenry. I think its worth gambling on smaller players to help combat that.

But please, use your own judgement, when deciding on alternative financial products.


I do a lot with crypto, and I am happy to accept it. I haven’t set up my addresses for contributions yet, but I have it on my agenda.


I don’t accept Paypal, but I know a lot of people do and will ask about it, so here is the story.

First, Paypal locked me out of my account, for many years, because I could no longer supply the bank card info from my original bank account, a bank that had been closed for more than 3 years.

Then, I had a feud with them years ago over them associating my email with another person’s account, who had the same first and last name. They never did fix the situation and I had to hunt my doppleganger down and chew him out about it to get it resolved. Oh, by the way, I got every single vendor email about his wedding, too.

At least they gave me some good stories, I guess.