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  • Williams Fractals (with Breaks)

    This was my first trading view indicator, and I did it because I’ve learned to appreciate and depend on fractals, but also as a reaction to the limited options and rough code bases I saw.

    I wanted to produce a good version with at least one helpful unique feature. In this case, it displays the peak level of any post break fractal, and it also tells you how many fractals have been broken, i.e. how many fractals does it surpass before it reaches one it doesn’t.

    Fractals have a relationship to other trend and wave counting practices, and this was also a testing ground for how to approach that and the systems limits.

    I have more code changes that I have not published yet, but hope to make it even more exciting soon.

  • Ichimoku Peeks

    This was an indicator I did, based on Ichimoku, to automate figuring out how likely a TK cross-over might be in the future.

    It became apparent to me when trading that certain candles would affect future TK trends more than others, and I started counting candles to see when this would happen, and thinking out the mathematics of it.

    I developed the process into a TV indicator, and used it to learn and test the limitation of line vs plot techniques.

    Originally named because it “peeks” forward in time.

    I found that I had a lot of issues verifying the accuracy of early versions, because I would get confused counting candles repeatedly. I ended up adding a linear regression like channel that helps visualize the length and spread of the trend periods.

    Now, I think, it also “peeks” into the internals of plain Ichimoku, and provides an insightful view of how the TK components work.

    I hope to take that idea farther, and produce other more educational (as opposed to practical) indicators in the future.

  • Singular and Cumulative Volume Delta

    This indicator was developed in response to recent focus on volume topics at

    Carl kicked things off with a lesson on CVD, and there was a lot of talk about the indicator among the students.

    I began studying the one that was demonstrated and rewrote / commented the code for educational clarity. I also patched in some ideas from other indicators and shared it within the groups there. That version was not made totally public, but did lead to the work on this one.

    To help out a course and the students, I also worked on porting over my understanding of the indicator to NinjaTrader.

    During that time, I studied alternative approaches to the calculations and visualization, and I had a couple ideas about how I could improve the original, visually and functionally. This TradingView indicator is a result of those experiments.


I have several projects across a couple platforms, as well as more ideas. I hope to get them published coherently online soon and post them here. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for waiting.

Personal Background

I have been trading, Crypto mainly, for around 3 years now, and during that time I have studied Technical Analysis from a variety of sources.

I have also been a hobbyist and pseudo-professional (in-house no-team) software developer for at least 10 years, with my earliest coding experience going back to the Commodore 64 days of my youth.

In the past few months, I have been applying those years of practice into developing indicators for a few different trading platforms. So far, TradingView, ThinkOrSwim, NinjaTrader, and Quantower.

My work, at this time, is based mainly on my studies and participation as a member of

So far, some have been developed based on the archived lessons there, and how they might connect with more advanced project ideas, and some were undertaken based on current topics of study and classroom participation.

The public domain portion of my work has received great traction, and it feels great knowing how quickly people can consume and really appreciate the products of my labor.

I hope, in the future, to be able to do more work in this vein, with the financial support of donations and contract work.

Please keep me in mind if you feel you can help support those goals.