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Who doesn’t have a lot of profiles these days. Here are some ways you can learn more about me or get in touch with me.



as Jimmy Universal

Please check out my personal, family, and collaborative music.
Be sure to check out Albums for some yearly compilations.

Also, some full albums as experimental music videos on youtube.

Social Media

The only social network I still use is Gab. I support their ideological commitment to constitutionally protected speech.

If you are comfortable using the platform, feel free to connect with me there.


In addition to offering IT service, I’m a lifelong coding enthusiast. I’m pretty sure I learned Basic in ’89, but I’ve been dabbling long enough it’s hard to keep track of the details.

One of my longstanding struggles is that so many years of practice and obsession have produced so few public projects and left so much inspiration on the cutting room floor.

Much of my work was in-house for small companies, and not easy to publish or adapt for a resume. I also have many unpublished and unfinished projects that have explored interesting ideas and given me experience in esoteric topics.

But, particularly since I became a father, I’ve been hard pressed for the time and luxury to bring them home to the public eye.

Hopefully, what is available stands as a testament to my growth as a developer, and the future will provide more opportunities to explore this passion and revisit past inspirations.

Other Communities


I’m currently a semi-active participant at, and would really recommend supporting it and the community to anyone interested in trading.

You can find me on the discord as user Jimby.

Feel free to sign up using this affiliate code, and help support two small businesses at once.

Please also see my trading view profile listed above.


On Steam: